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A materials explorer who is passionate about art and design

Much of my work focuses on transforming the old into the new that celebrates numerous materials and processes of making. My fascination with the unconventional is perhaps best demonstrated through marbled tiles made out of ground up pig bones and fish leather made from discarded fish skins. To let the public know about the potential of waste products I designed two ‘Exhibition Carts’ made out of recycled bicycle parts and scrap material left from Chapel Market in Islington, London. 

I have also explored waste plastic and have produced a delicate tea set out of plastic bags by heat forming them over crockery/tableware. Recently I have begun to make small marbled pendants out of plastic and glass and am trying to fuse the two different types of materials together into a single form. 

My point of view is that any kind of discarded materials should be recycled or up-cycled. Recently I have got into fine art. 

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