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Moe Redish

Handmade furnishings
Passionate about design and making, I thrive with the opportunity to explore new and old techniques working primarily with timber but also ceramics.
Focusing on fine wooden furniture, I enjoy the use of traditional joinery where it compliments furnishings, while still using modern techniques that allow me to finish a piece to a high quality. The creation of ceramic objects is something I find therapeutic and satisfying. Mostly using liquid clay known as slip, to craft very thin objects that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. Over the past few years I have worked with and receive critical feedback from head designers of companies such as Samuel Chan, 1882ltd., Camira and John Lewis. The opportunities have proven extremely useful in the way I think about my work, how I receive feedback and most importantly how I progress from that feedback. I discovered my interest in design and crafts while completing my diploma in site carpentry. I was never pressured to make my work look tidy or aesthetically pleasing, if the work was structurally sound then no more time would be spent on it. It was around this time that I became interested in finer woodwork and decided that I should set myself on the path to gain more skills in the areas of craft and design that interest me most.
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