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The BloQs Laser Cutter

We are proud to partner with Trotec, a world leader in laser technology and materials. Our Trotec SP500 is the ultimate laser cutting and engraving machine for processing large format materials with speed and precision. High-quality components ensure a consistent and accurate finish and open up a greater level of quality and scalability for our members.

The BloQs Laser Cutter can cut and engrave a huge range of materials - from acrylic to glass, laminates, leather, paper, plastics, stone, textiles and wood.

Member Access

Building BloQs members can gain full access to the Laser Cutter by going through software and hardware training on site. Members can then book the machine for their own work or run jobs for other members. 

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Cutting Service

Through Made At BloQs we offer a full Laser Cutting Service, from design, material ordering, file preparation to laser cutting, engraving and delivery. 

BloQs members get a 10% discount on this service.

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About our Laser Cutter





Working area

1245 x 710 mm 

Max. height of workpiece 

300 mm 

Max. processing speed 

254 cm/sec; acceleration 2g 


2,0“, 2,5“ Power: 120W

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