Your own professionally equipped workshop whenever you need it.

Built by makers for makers

We’ve set-out to build a new approach to space, resource and community in our city. Opened in 2012, Building BloQs is a not-for-profit open workshop space created to provide London’s freelance makers, small businesses and designers with the tools needed to establish and grow their careers.


Professional as standard

Our 11,000 sq ft open access workshop in London offers space and equipment to work in wood, metal, textiles, CNC and paint. From traditional analogue to cutting edge digital, our machines and processes are industry standard to support the needs of the professional and give access to the quality of resource that is otherwise out of reach to many individual practitioners.

PAy as you go pro

Membership at BloQs is pay-as-you-go so members can scale-up and scale-down the use of equipment and space depending on their current workload. This removes the fixed costs of workshop rent and rates found with permanent spaces.

We can build more together

With a growing community of like-minded individuals, members have the opportunity to collaborate on projects, exchange knowledge and skills and showcase work through the BloQs Directory